Privacy Statement

Security, Anonymity and suitability of content.

Shawna's Creative Writing fully respects the privacy of all who visit our website, especially children. The privacy policy here is very simple. Any information that we receive will not be shared with anyone for any reason. The information gathered at this site is only used for purposes of searching the Data Base. E-mail addresses will only be used when it is necessary to contact an individual about a writing submitted. Shawna's Creative Writing undertakes to do all it can to prevent profane language appearing on the site. A "profanity filter" censors every piece of work. When Shawna's Creative Writing rejects a piece of work because of the use of unsuitable language, an email explaining why will be sent to the member.

Use of Data

Shawna's Creative Writing will not pass any data onto a third party. Submitted information is not used for any form of marketing or solicitation. Shawna's Creative Writing does not sell or otherwise share any information about site visitors with any other third parties, organizations, companies, groups, or individuals.

Ownership of copyright

Copyright and ownership of the work published on the site remains the property of its author. Shawna's Creative Writing undertakes not to use any work published on the site for publication in any other form, without the consent of the author. Shawna's Creative Writing undertakes to make the site as secure a place as is reasonably possible for children, and their parents and guardians, to feel safe to use. Any individual who feels that the site has breached their safety or security is urged to contact Shawna's Creative Writing so that that situation can be corrected.

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